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Convert your electricity usage to pumping volumes

Use this calculator to convert your electricity usage to the volume pumped. The Kilowatt Hours Used and Pump Horsepower are required, but enter in the pump efficiency, system pressure, and pumping head (depth of pump) if known. 

Assistance to Purchase Your Required Meter

The Evergreen Underground Water Conservation District is able to assist irrigation well permit holders with the cost of a purchase of a meter through an Agricultural Water Conservation Grant from the Texas Water Development Board. The intent of the grant is to assist existing irrigation well permit holders in the District in the purchase of in-line volumetric flow meters for existing irrigation wells and systems. Currently this would apply to all irrigation production permits granted prior to August 27, 2021. The current terms of the grant allow for the District to pay for 50% of the meter purchase price. Our staff will be available to purchase the meter an to assist the landowner in the proper meter selection as well as proper placement in the piping system. Please fill out the form in the link above and submit to or call 830-569-4186 for assistance.